These Are the Women Serving Up Global Vibrations


Global Vibrations is the closing dance party for the Women In Music Festival on Sunday, April 9, 2017 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Parliament (811 Washington St., Oakland, CA). We'll be celebrating cultural variety, self-care, and spiritual refreshment with DJ sets from Teardrop and Mare.e.Fresh of Chulita Vinyl Club, K La V, afroDJiak, and Red Corvette. These women will be spinning the music they find most exciting, from Dancehall and Afro Beat to Cumbia and Salsa. Meet the ladies serving up Global Vibrations below.


K La V

DJ, dancing queen, music enthusiast, K-la-V, 32, from the SF Bay Area, fell in with Los Angeles' music and arts scene while attending college at Cal State Univ. Northridge. K-la-V's favorite styles of music to DJ are AfroHouse, DeepHouse, and House music genres alike; however, you can also find her spinning popular Hip-Hop, Oldies RnB, and Afro Beat music. Currently DJ'ing professionally with Scratch Music Group, K-la-V has DJ'd all types of events working with clients like Mercedes Benz, Amazon, Nike, and Google. She produces and performs original music.  You can catch her playing regular gigs at the Au Lounge and Bissap Baobab in Oakland.

Go-To Advice:  "If you're ignorant the world will cheat you, If you're weak the world will kick you, If you're a coward the world will keep you running." - Dad

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afroDJiak is a creative technologist, artist and curator storytelling through emerging technologies from the DMV by way of Philly. Her latest work employs paired object programming, turntablism, design, up-cycling and image arithmetic. afroDJiak works in music and tech examining societal themes such as surveillance, race and empathy. She's spent the last ten years curating and performing DJ sets at a wide range of events around the world.

Fun Fact about afroDJiak: Her DJ name was discovered by listening to Common's song Nag Champa (Aphrodisiac for Life) on the Like Water for Chocolate album. The song is produced by Dilla and toward the end Common repeats "Aphrodisiac, disiac... we be dat, we be dat". She was sitting around with a friend trying to come up with a DJ name and this song came on and my DJ name was born!

Go-To Advice: Women in music should not be afraid to evolve publicly. That evolution includes growing, branding and honing skills in front of their fans. People love to watch an artist grow. That growth becomes a part of the oral history that is shared and inspires up and coming artists.

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Mare.e.Fresh is a a DJ/producer based out of San Jose that plays a mix of Cumbia/ Hip-Hop/Bootyshake’n music. Her DJ'ing is centered around taking up and harvesting space in which her and other ladies can have fun and dance in through music. She is a member of the Chulita Vinyl Club Bay Area Chapter.

Fun fact about Mare.e.Fresh: She is the owner of the sassiest pup in the world, a poodle named Sol.

Go-To Advice: Don't be afraid to take up space and to trust yourself and your art!


Claudia Saenz a.k.a. DJ Teardrop is the founder and director of Chulita Vinyl Club, an all-girl all-vinyl DJ collective. Her vinyl collection specializes in 45s of tunes from her home state of Texas and songs that hurt when there's nothing to hurt about. She lives in San Jose and spins with the Chulita Vinyl Club Bay Area.

Fun Fact About Teardrop: She’s too scared to tell her father she has his family’s last name tattooed on her stomach but she knows he would be proud.

Go-To Advice: Our fire is constantly misunderstood - it's important to encourage each other, inspire, create and recognize that's it's difficult being a woman and we need each other for support. There's a place for you in every venue, recording studio, record store and art gallery.

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