2017 Women in Music Festival Sponsors


When it comes to the first Women in Music festival, we're proud to make history with a select group of sponsors who are trailblazers in their own right. From product and space to funding and media support, these brands are helping to make the Oakland festival possible. 


Oaklandish, a Bay Area mainstay and woman-owned brand all about hometown pride, has been providing stylish apparel and curating a vibrant space for Oakland creatives and locals since 2000. You might have recognized their Oak tree logo on your friend's laptop or on the back of their car. You might have been gifted with Oaklandish gear, or they may have even introduced you to your favorite emerging artist in passing. Regardless, it's no surprise that a pillar brand in Oakland, committed to community and progression, is supporting the Bay Area's first festival dedicated to women breaking ground in music. We're proud to partner with one of Oakland's most celebrated brands on pushing the conversation of female representation in the music industry forward. 

Visit Oaklandish to learn more.


Soundcloud is the ultimate hub for emerging talent and discovery. Many of our favorite indie artists who got their start a few years ago by uploading music to their soundcloud profile, now have a career. We first noticed some of the Bay Area's most exciting women in music on Soundcloud, including Kehlani, Rayana Jay, and more. With a board dedicated to the advancement of women in the music industry, our friends at Soundcloud have become incubators in helping to remind women in the Bay Area that careers in music are within reach.

Visit Soundcloud to learn more.


Meet the go-to drink for every millennial, Bai — a beverage company providing anti-oxidant infused drinks that can be integrated into your daily life. With a commitment to flavor without compromising health, Bai wants everyone to share their 'natural goodness', and that includes their support for women in music. Multi-generational and modern, just like our festival, we're proud to have Bai on our team for this year's welcoming mixer and market, along with our panel at Pandora for "Women Breaking Ground in Music". 

Visit Bai to learn more.


Re-imagine your coconut water, at least that's what San Francisco-based company Zola is doing. They have a flavor of coconut water for every mood and they also believe in living life to the fullest. That's a promising combination if you ask us. Zola extends their product to events that promote healthy and active living, in order to share that their water is a lifestyle. Our festival promotes wellness, especially in a tough industry. Zola's contribution of water has become core in adding an element of wellness and self-care to our entrepreneurship workshop and yoga class. 

Visit Zola to learn more.


Suja is one of the organic beverage industry's leading juices, serving up non-gmo and cold-pressed drinks in a variety of colorful flavors. Based on the belief and fact that living food makes you feel more alive, think of Suja as a curated juice that we all deserve. Suja strives to eliminate the idea that organic juice and ingredients are only for a certain tax bracket and their 'Organic For All' efforts prove it. Backing our panel night at Sole Space with complimentary juice for all of the panelists, Suja is another wellness leader in our festival activities. 

Visit Suja to learn more. 


At the center of Oakland's style and culture is where you'll find Sole Space. Whether you're looking to buy a pair of funky shoes that just dropped or you stumble upon a community event for creatives and social change-makers, Sole Space continues to serve as a pillar in the Bay Area community for fashion, streetwear, and event curation. Plus, they care about the impact they make on those around them and we couldn't be more lucky to host our panel night at one of our favorite spaces in downtown Oakland. 

Visit Sole Space to learn more.


Our friends at Bare Snacks believe less is more, and so do we. With phrasing like "Crave Simple", Bare Snacks offer up healthy and extremely delicious fruit chips and fruit snacks. Their bites are completely baked and topped with real seasonings, made to reinvent what it means to snack. As women who work late nights and early mornings, Bare Snacks provide a guilt-free way of snacking for women on the go. We're bringing this element to our festival by partnering with Bare Snacks on our festival yoga class for a bit of self-care and satisfaction.

Visit Bare Snacks to learn more.


As a cultural hub for emerging music nationwide, Rehab Online Magazine is based right here in Oakland, CA. An incubator for new and unheard talent, along with some of their local favorites, Rehab's core editorial team is made up completely of women. Founded by Women in Music co-founder, Evangeline Elder, Rehab continues to curate urban and alternative music while unveiling sub-cultural movements that often focus on women that go unseen. 

Visit Rehab Online Magazine to learn more.


Still Blooming is at the intersection of music and self-care. Founded by Women in Music co-founder, Red Corvette, Still Blooming is a weekly site dedicated to music at any moment and self-exploration. Based in the Bay Area, Red Corvette has been building her brand carefully for years as a DJ and eventually ended up sharing her own experiences as a woman throughout her social media outlets. Still Blooming became her personal hub of reflection, where friends and strangers can relate. 

Visit Still Blooming to learn more.