A Guide to Libra Season

by Jenilee De La Fuente

by Jenilee De La Fuente


The Libra Season Guide to Avoiding Self-Sabotage

Did y’all get your shit together during Virgo season? Cool, because the bag you secured (or tried to secure) last month is ready to get snatched by the temptations induced by fashion, food, and FOMO. Why these three things? Because Libra is ruled by Venus (the planet of love, money, and luxury), your chances of successfully drafting a bae for cuffing season while over-drafting on your bank account is HIGH.

But just one minute, this Libra season has one more plot twist. Next week (Oct. 3rd) Venus will retrograde in the ever-so-intense sign of Scorpio. This transition will prompt you to reevaluate your close relationships, your finances, and your lust for aesthetics.

So how do we keep it flawless this Libra season? Here are some friendly reminders for you, boo.

Stick to your intuition.

Libras are notorious for their indecisive nature, and it usually stems from their tendency to second-guess their choices. Don’t be surprised if you experience a sudden urge to want options or to have it all. You can weigh all the pros and cons, but sometimes all you need is your intuition and the confidence. Make informed decisions out of love, and stick with your gut.


You are not your aesthetic.

I’m not trying to slander anyone, but you know those people who care a little too much about their “personal brand”? Chances are good that they might be a Libra. They dress cute, they sound cute, and they choose the right items and people to nail down their aesthetic. This season, you’re going to want to invest in what you think might align with your brand, but in this process, you may pour too much money, energy, time and resources into things that will benefit the perception of “you”— not the real you. Ask yourself what you need as a human being, and not as a caricature on your Instagram feed.

Balance that bank account.

This is imperative. Libras are known for their balance and harmony. However, with their penchant for luxury and friendship, paired with their non-confrontational nature, they probably spent a little too much money buying their friends’ art or eating at their favorite upscale restaurant. And on top of it all, they probably said yes to five of their friends’ wedding invites this year. With all this in mind, make sure you have enough funds to have fun.

Host the homies.


Not only is it Libra season, but Libra is also in Mercury which is the planet that rules communication. Guess what? Even if you’re not a people-person most seasons, you may want to cuff a couple of friends platonically this Libra season. This is a great time to nurture your friendships, new and old. Ideas include:

  • Cook a delicious meal you can all share

  • Collaborate on a creative project

  • Hit up some old friends and grab a drink

Chances are you might experience feelings of loneliness or need help problem-solving this season. Your friends will come in handy this season and could be the keys to your success.

Love wholeheartedly, but don’t let it f**k you up.

You know who’s good at flirting (and occasionally inadvertently leading people on)? LIBRAS. You know who also falls in love with someone every 20 seconds? Yes, also Libras!! Next week (Oct. 6th), we’re going to go through Venus Retrograde, which means sh*t might get super interesting and dramatic with your closest relationships, especially if you have a significant other. If you’re single, you may catch a couple ghosts in your near future before Halloween hits. No matter the current status of your love life, examine what you need right now in your close relationships, and think cautiously about whether to respond to that text from your ex. Cherish the love you have for yourself and the people who vibrate at your frequencies.

Happy Libra Season! Good luck. Get money, serve LEWKS, and live your very best life!

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