5 Wellness Rules to Live by This Fall

by Chinwe Oniah

by Chinwe Oniah


There’s something of an awakening around wellness right now, and it’s so dope. More and more people are taking their health and well-being seriously. Schools are amping up their wellness initiatives, podcasters openly talk about way their wellness regimens, even government bodies are pushing to make wellness programs and resources more accessible to all. Just look at New York and Virginia - the two very first states to mandate mental health education in schools.

It’s lit.

We know that you want to be living right. If New York and Virginia are investing in wellness, then we can change up a few things too. Remember the old saying, “New Year, New Me” from just a few months ago? Well, let us help you get there. For real this time. Here are 5 simple wellness rules to live by this fall.

1. Use What You’ve Got

Wellness doesn’t need to cost a lot of money or time. In fact, it shouldn’t. Wellness is all about finding balance and making conscious decisions to ensure you’re living a healthy and fulfilling life. Find out what that means for you. If it means journaling at lunchtime, reading a book before bed, or using your commute as a time for reflection, that’s ok! Those steps are major and you should be proud of them.

2. Cut It!

Cutting out elements in your life that are a detriment to your wellness is so freeing. Trash relationships? Bye! Bad habits? In a box to the left! Unhealthy coping mechanisms? New Day, New You! Part of being a new and improved person is making space for the things and people that uplift you, and getting rid of what doesn’t. It’s not always easy, especially moving a family member or longtime friend out of your life, but it’s always for the best.

3. Find A Crew

Find a group of people who will support you in your wellness journey. Sometimes you’ll have some stumbles and you may get down on yourself. You’ll want trusted friends to encourage and lift you up, but they also should be a sounding board. Be open to their input and trust that they want you to reach your goals, too.

4. Mind Your Business

Mind your own wellness. Remember that your journey is ALL ABOUT YOU! We’re different people with different journeys, different goals and different starting points. It may take longer to find something that works for you and that’s ok. Try new things, ask for advice, get opinions, but don’t stress yourself wanting what the next person has. What’s for you will always be for as long as you put in the work.

5. Be Realistic

You’ve started yoga. Great! Don’t expect to be twisting yourself into a pretzel after two sessions. Take your time and remember why you started. Like any new endeavor, it’ll be hard, but as long as you’re real with yourself about your ability and your goals, you’ll be setting yourself up for success. What’s really inspiring about a marathon isn’t how fast someone ran it, but the fact that they finished it at all. When you’ve reached your goal, you won’t care how long it took. You’ll care that you made it.

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