Meet the Founders

Artwork by Tyler Feder. (Left to Right: Evangeline Elder, Red Corvette)

Artwork by Tyler Feder. (Left to Right: Evangeline Elder, Red Corvette)


Red Corvette, born Carmena Woodward, is a DJ, Event Curator, and Visionary from San Francisco. As an intern for 106 KMEL, she always longed for a successful career in music but fell into her niche after she bought her first controller in January 2012. With just a few years in, Red is currently Rayana Jay's official DJ, event experience curator for HellaJawns, and Co-Founder of Women In Music. Red believes her purpose is to promote womxn inclusion throughout the music industry. Skillfully spinning ambiguous Bay Area slaps with current music, alongside a genre-intermix of hip hop, experimental trap, soul, electronic and R&B, Red’s varied musical taste, incredible fashion steez, and energy is highly favored by her creative friends and fans.

Fun Fact about Red Corvette: April 7th is Red's birthday, which also happens to be the date of the Gold Party.

Go-To Advice: Make it your duty to learn how to write a professional email, be open to constructive criticism, and free yo'self of timestamps. Keep it LIT, you all you got.

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As an editor, artist manager, and music lover,  Evangeline Elder (also known as Vang) has taken on both sides of the music industry over the past four years. After graduating from the University of California, Riverside, in 2013, Evangeline moved back to her hometown of Oakland, CA, and reconnected with her love for music throughout the local scene and surfing the web. As the founder of Rehab Online Magazine (since 2013), a prominent alternative music website, and the creator of All Angles (since 2016), a small indie multidisciplinary music agency, Evangeline decided to take a grassroots approach to her career and passions in the music industry early on. Focused on start-up momentum and breaking barriers for unsigned artists, she’s been able to strategize and help develop new artists on a national scale, whether she’s writing about them, organizing an event, or planning a roll-out. Her experience and network as the managing editor and marketing director for Rehab Online Magazine naturally propelled her to venture beyond music journalism and enter the world of management and PR, after finding herself to be a natural connector and liaison in the music industry. When it comes to her work ethic and business style, Evangeline believes in undeniable hard work, transparency at all times, and intuition. When it comes to life, she believes in positivity, living out-loud, and self-discovery as much as possible.

Fun Fact About Evangeline: She went to an all-girls middle school where she was allowed to be as emotional and free-spirited as she wanted. She hasn't been the same since.

Go-To Advice: Whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to other people. Find a lane (or multiple) that you really love and don’t worry about how others are running their race.

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To all of the women out there: Never underestimate your power. Never doubt what you deserve. Never lose hope when the universe changes course. Never let failure guide your dreams. Never let misogyny keep you down. Never let your looks guide your mind. Never let people tell you who you are. Never let your sisters go without support. Never count yourself out because you're the only one in the room. Never give up.

 - Red Corvette & Vang

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