New Year, New Goals


As our timelines fill up with New Years resolutions and essays about how 2019 will be different, don't feel too bad if you haven't quite set your intentions yet. Remove any pressure you feel to have it all in order right now and instead, let the entire month of January (and then some) be about setting new intentions.

Here are a few tips we've compiled for goal setting this year.


1. Journal and write down your goals & intentions

Whether you're writing notes in your iPhone or you bought an actual journal, simply writing down your thoughts and things you want to change can be super helpful. Seeing your intentions and goals written out can help you visualize where you want to be at.

2. Set 3-month goals that build up to your bigger goals

Achieve your goals brick by brick. Goals can seem overwhelming and daunting when you don't outline the steps it takes to achieve them. So, instead of trying to change your health overnight or make that career jump immediately, consider smaller steps. For example, have someone in the field you want to be in edit your resume first or set a goal to apply to 10 new jobs a week. Set attainable goals that lead to your bigger goal. The snowball effect is REAL.


3. Focus on higher self-awareness as a goal

When you're self-aware, you're more honest with yourself about your shortcomings and what it takes to turn a weakness into a strength. You can't achieve self-awareness overnight, but asking yourself "why did I do this" or "why did I behave that way" is a major start. Getting to know yourself and grasping why you do certain things, whether it's related to trauma or an insecurity, can help you understand how to change it in 2019 and beyond.

4. Try something new

Break up your routine and try something new. Most people learn a lot about themselves when they challenge their comfort zone. The media glamorizes "trying something new" as doing something extreme. But in all reality, you can get gratifying moments out of trying something new in your daily routine. Trying something new can be as simple as cooking a new recipe at home, going to a networking event alone, or reading a new book every month. Consider taking a massage class or find an online coding class. Therapy can also be considered "trying something new". The options are endless y'all.


5. Consider goals beyond weight loss

Every single year, the media bombards us with diet ads, as if our self-worth is only tied to weight loss. Instead of losing weight as your #1 goal this year, show your other goals some love! Kill the idea that your happiness relates to how much you weigh. Instead, ask yourself what are some non-weight loss or non-food goals you have. Instead, ask yourself what else will make you happy this year? Working on your health and activity is a valuable goal, but there should be more to your goal list than how much you want to weigh.

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