Meet 15 Womxn-Owned Local Businesses Bringing Life to our EAT SHOP TALK Day Market


Come join us for our second annual EAT SHOP TALK day market, this Sunday, April 8th. Meet with and support a variety of local womxn-owned businesses, from handmade jewelry to apparel and treats. Grab a drink, sample food, and dance to DJ sets by Chulita Vinyl Club and ClimaxXx. Our friends at Sparkling Ice will also be holding it down with a custom photo booth & custom cocktails. For a sneak preview, read up on all our vendors and RSVP below!



FASHION & jewelry



Amelian Kashiro Hamilton is multi-cultural, multi-talented artist. As an Alaskan with a father from Oakland and mother from Tokyo, Amelian embraces distinctions and intersections within cultures and expresses this duality in her work. She has styled many women such as Kali Uchis and Leikeli 47, as well as collaborated with major brands such as K-Swiss and Converse.

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Candice Cox, artist behind Candid Art, is inspired by African visual culture, indigenous design vernacular, and cosmic geometry. She aims to make pieces for fashion enthusiasts who want to make a statement without having to say a single world. Her pieces have graced the pages of publications such as GQ, Runway News, and Rolling Stones magazine.

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Queendom Cultivation is a holistic wellness jewelry line that incorporates healing into fashion, providing a fly alternative to common western healing practices. Through the use of healing crystals, herbs, and other natural wellness products and practices, Queendom Cultivation educates the community on the various ways to heal naturally.

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Jjaahz is a phenomenal creator who creates funky graphics that she prints on shirts, patches and sneakers on commission. Her creations have socially conscious messages that ring universally.

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Caffeinist Shop

Amina El Kabbany of the Caffeinist Shop is an Egyptian-American multi-dimensional artist and photographer that makes home decor for daydreamers.

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Illustrated Truths

Francis Mead, the artist and activist behind illustratedtruths, uses her art as a call for social change. Her cards feature artists such as Tupac and Nina Simone and quotes little pieces of their wisdom to help get us through these crazy times.

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GlŌGirl Cosmetics

Oakland-based GLŌGIRL Cosmetics is an edgy, fun lip brand for anyone looking to bring out their inner GLŌ.  As an industry insider and make up artist, Tosca founded GLŌGIRL Cosmetics in 2014, wanting to create her own brand of make up starting with a unique high pigmented lipstick formulated in a sleek modern case merging urban trend with sophistication. Her long-lasting Vitamin E enriched lipsticks are available in a vivid range of colors that reflect mood and style. 

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Concept Forty-Seven is a curated shopping experience in the Oakland and San Francisco that reps local and independent makers, artist, and artisans from the Bay. They offer organic and eco friendly beauty products, unique home goods, jewelry, candles and select vintage products.

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G'S Creations (NAIL DESIGN)

G started her nail design service with a focus on maintaining happy and healthy nails and strives to educate her clients about natural nail care. She offers over 250 colors, including brands such as Vetro, Kokoist, Presto, Gel Two, Color Club, Aora, and Luxio and more. Specializing in "nail rehab", G helps her clients grow their nails and maintain them in a healthy manner.

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Nail Jerks is an innovative, female-led nail salon that provides fun airbrush classes for her clients. Artit Lila Robles provides creative nail designs such as polka dot patterns, the Simpsons characters, and unique typography.


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The S00ks

Sukhpreet provides tarot readings, and through them, she helps us understand how archetypes and different roles play into how we lead our lives, love others and give meaning to our lives.


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Ritual by Design

Sabreena Haque of Ritual by Design is a versatile henna artist based in the Bay Area. While introduced to mehndi (henna) through her South Asian upbringing, she is constantly evolving as a modern artist, drawing inspiration from many cultures around the world.

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TWO MAMACITAS pop-up kitchen

Two Mamacitas is a pop-up kitchen based in Oakland focused on Latin American cuisine made with love, soul and sass by Perla Yasmeen Melendez.

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The Pleasure Principle

Pleasure Principle is run by Chef Christina Alexis, a food obsessed epicurean who likes to try almost anything when it comes to food and drink. If you like to eat, chat and be part of a supper club, share your love for food with other food adventurers!

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Kupcak owner, Kai Moore, aspires to bake plant-based sweet treats that both vegans and non-vegans will enjoy. Made with love, these are cupcakes for everyone and every occasion — weddings, corporate events, birthdays, holidays, barbecues, parties, or just for the heck of it.

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Chulita Vinyl Club is an all-girl all-vinyl club for self-identifying womxn of color, and a safe space for empowerment and togetherness. The ladies stand united as a female DJ collective spanning 7 national chapters bringing together a community of vinyl loving girls. Two of it's members will be joining us: DJs Hella Breezy (right) and Pituca (left). Mayra Ramirez, also known as "Hella Breezy", is a vinyl DJ based in Oakland, co-founder of Somewhere Else Art Space, curator and model. You can find Breezy "resisting the cultural erasure of [her] people one record at a time". Gisele Herrera, aka "Pituca" is a vinyl record lover and rock en Español enthusiast. A member of Chulita Vinyl Club, she’s also a student based in San Francisco, and Chicanita staying brown and down one record at a time.

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Hailing from Castro Valley, climaxXx is the alias for a superwoman that was created to rock the f*ck out of parties & fight the good fight in this male-dominated industry. She’s extra, unrated, sexy AF, and she’s built to make you uncomfortable so she can break down those walls in which women are often compartmentalized. She takes extreme pride in her craft, not only in perfecting it but in being “uniquely familiar”. Her sets are heavily focused on song selection, and will bring you back to old sh*t you completely forgot about to new sh*t you really should know about.  

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