East to West: 10 Female Artists to Watch in 2018

by Natalie Cassidy

by Natalie Cassidy

2017 brought with it the rapid rise of vocalists like SZA and Kali Uchis. Despite the persistence of institutionalized misogyny in the music and entertainment industries (see major snub following this years' Grammy Awards), women in music are having a moment. Which fierce female artists are most likely to blow up in 2018? In honor of Women's History Month, we've curated a list just for you. Read ahead for a list of ten burgeoning ladies to keep an eye on this year, and be sure to check out their Pandora artist profiles below!

 Raveena (New York, NY)


Indian-American singer Raveena Aurora established herself as an emerging R&B artist in 2016 when she released her jazzy, sultry single, “You Give Me That”. With the recent release of her first EP, Shanti, Raveena strives to create a space of solace, spiritual awakening and self-exploration for women of color alike. Raveena plans to keep her momentum going in 2018 with another EP and live performances on stage.

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Check out Raveena's Pandora profile here.

Charlotte Dos Santos (Brooklyn, NY)


Norwegian by birth and most recently based out of Brooklyn, vocalist Charlotte Dos Santos’ musical style gains influence from her Brazilian roots as well as her passion for jazz, samba, and Latin rhythms. Her soulful melodies can be equated to that feeling of relaxation on a warm summer day, or getting cozy on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Her latest EP, Cleo, serves as both a name for the project as well as an alias for the strong, independent woman represented in the lyrics.

Check out Charlotte Dos Santos's Pandora profile here.

Ivy Sole (Charlotte, NC)


In 2015, Ivy Sole stood on a stage as an accomplished graduate from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Fast forward almost three years and the singer-songwriter is receiving national attention as an up-and-coming female voice in hip-hop. Her musical style has been compared to both Chicago artist Noname and Anderson Paak’s mix of classic hip-hop with innovative sounds. Ivy’s sophomore EP East, released last summer, is meant to convey the idea that pain and struggle are temporary. Having just wrapped up a national tour, Ivy now turns her focus towards new projects in 2018.

Check out Ivy Sole's Pandora profile here.

Chloe x Halle (Atlanta, GA)

Chloe x Halle.jpg

Ok, technically two people, but with a debut album slated to release in late March, the sisters are ready to take center-stage in the R&B/Pop music scene. Signed to Beyonce’s label in 2015, the duo has already released a mixtape, an EP, and made several appearances on the hit comedy show Black-ish (not to mention being the the authors of the series theme song "Grown"). Most recently, Chloe x Halle released their self-described project, The Two Of Us, which features new music written and produced by the duo. Other accolades include People Magazine's “One to Watch” and their profile on ABC News' Nightline.

Check out Chloe x Halle's Pandora profile here.

Ravyn Lenae (Chicago, IL)


Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, 19-year-old Ravyn Lenae is soaring towards national stardom with the release of her EP, Crush, produced by one of music’s most exciting acts, Steve Lacy. An intriguing twist of soul, funk and old-school R&B, Lenae’s style remains flexible as she refuses to confine herself to a certain style or vocal range. Ravyn is currently on tour in the wake of her newest release, and carries the tune of a promising young musician into 2018.

Check out Ravyn's Pandora profile here.

The Last Artful, Dodgr (Portland, OR)

the last artful, dodgr.jpg

A queer woman of color from Portland, Oregon, The Last Artful, Dodgr draws influence from growing up in Los Angeles and the musical landscape that she was surrounded by. Formerly known as Alana Chenevert, her stage name is a tribute to the turmoil of the LA riots and a Dodgers pun wrapped up in a Charles Dickens reference. Dodgr released her second full-length album, Bone Music, in early 2017 and is now currently working on her solo debut due on Fresh Selects later this year.

Check out Dodgr's Pandora profile here.

Rayana Jay (Richmond, CA)


A Bay Area native, Rayana Jay has grown close to the hearts of many local listeners and her popularity is spreading like wildfire across the nation. Her latest releases include her second EP, Morning After, and a project titled Love, Rayana. The 23-year-old R&B/soul singer-songwriter’s pure, melodic vocals and poetic, yet honest prose preach ideals of young love, self-love, and acceptance. Her music has been featured in several Spotify playlists as well as in the hit TV sitcom Grown-ish.

Check out Rayana's Pandora profile here.

Spellling (Oakland, CA)


Another local favorite among Bay Area listeners, Spellling is now ready to step into national spotlight in 2018. She released her first LP this past summer, Pantheon of Me, which transcends genres and is filled with airy synths best described as futuristic and experimental. Spellling uses the word “messy” to describe her music, and draws influence from musicians like Arthur Russell known for extracting beauty from disorganized sound. In 2018, the artist is working on a new record heavily influenced by disco music.

Check out Spellling's Pandora profile here.

Quiñ (Los Angeles, CA)


Self-proclaimed “fantasy-soul” artist Quiñ has a musical style that is wedged somewhere between soul, R&B and electro-pop. Many of the messages in her songs explore sexual fluidity, young love, and first heartbreaks. The Los Angeles native released her sophomore EP, Dreamgirl, back in September and made an appearance at last summer’s AFROPUNK festival. Quiñ plans to continue her creative endeavors in 2018 by working on new visuals, sounds, and live performances to display them.

Check out Quiñ's Pandora profile here.

Tiffany Gouché (Inglewood, CA)


After a stretch of radio silence for almost two years, Inglewood musician Tiffany Gouché released two new singles in late 2017. As a singer, songwriter and producer, Gouché is the full package with a soulful vibe and low-register vocal style. Her songs champion themes of queer love and intimacy. Tiffany recently wrapped up a tour with artist Kelela and is back in the studio at the beginning of 2018 to finish her debut album.

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Check out Tiffany's Pandora profile here.