What Beyoncé Has Taught Us About Self-Acceptance

by Tieara Caron

by Tieara Caron

Starting her career as a member of Destiny's Child at just 8-years old, and then venturing on to establish a solo career, Beyoncé paved the way for herself in the world of music to eventually become one of the greatest musical legends to ever exist. When Beyoncé surprised the public by dropping her first ever visual album, Beyoncé, in December of 2013, she introduced herself once again to the world. In this defining moment for music, the world watched Beyoncé in the raw as she embraced her womanhood, celebrated her newfound motherhood, and exuded sexiness by way of self-confidence. Today, as a new mother to a pair of beautiful newborn twins, Beyoncé continues to slay the nation, unite her listeners, and remind us all to stay in formation. 

More than anything, Beyoncé has served as an exemplary role model for women from all walks of life. We've turned to her for empowerment during heartbreaks, setbacks, obstacles, and let her lyrics guide us through trying times. Safe to say, her music and leadership has taught us invaluable lessons about self-worth and self-acceptance. Below are some of our favorite pearls of wisdom that Queen Bey has helped us instill in our lives:


1. Be yourself, and don't apologize for it.

Despite many controversies and hardships throughout her life, Beyoncé has remained poised and unshaken. During her 2016 Super Bowl 50 performance, she made a perceivable political statement while accompanied by an all-black female ensemble dressed in Black Panther-inspired attire.  

The inspiration for her groundbreaking performance was her "Formation" music video, which pays homage to her Creole roots and Houston upbringing. Her video contains gripping imagery and visuals that portray the hardships that black women in American still face today. Her visceral attempt at awakening America's social consciousness received arduous backlash from many who saw it as an anti-police and establishment. Nonetheless, Beyoncé used her platform (literally and figuratively) to promote her message and beliefs.

Historic moments like these show us that power lies in our uniqueness and our refusal to apologize for who we are. Beyoncé shows us that as women (and especially as black girls), it’s OK to unapologetically advocate for our beliefs and celebrate the skin we live in.


2. Give yourself permission to start over.

Here’s where we take a look back at Beyoncé’s longevity in the music game. After parting ways with Destiny’s Child, she launched her own solo career as Sasha Fierce -- her alter-ego. She then became Queen Bey, who then turned into Mrs. Carter (Jay-Z’s wife) and finally... Yoncé.  

Even when Beyoncé has taken breaks to focus on her personal life and her responsibilities as a wife and mother, her fans have remained eternally loyal. She's taught us that taking breaks from our routine is great for our health, and that starting over is sometimes necessary for personal growth. Staying true to yourself means hitting the “reset” button sometimes in order to reach a higher version of self.


3. Be authentic and be consistent at all times. 

Authenticity is key and consistency is a major key. As fans, we know sometimes what to expect, and other times we simply don't. One thing that we've definitely learned from watching Beyoncé is that her authenticity combined with her unpredictability always produces a consistent performance, thus a major draw for her viewers.

So take it from Queen Bey herself -- be you, and be authentic! Don’t worry about disappointing anybody else but yourself. Live up to your own standards (not society’s) and let your success speak for itself. Hard work always pays off as long as we’re consistent and do the inner work first.

Work hard, grind ‘til you own it.
— Beyoncé

4. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Lemonade is arguably Beyoncé’s most vulnerable and honest album, as it reveals infidelities in her marriage and the struggle to grasp her self-worth after the fact.

At its core, Lemonade teaches us that self-perception is everything. How you see yourself and what you think you deserve speaks volumes about your self-worth. Understanding that you are worthy is the first step. Life isn’t always easy. Whether you’re struggling to pay the bills or simply feeling down, just remember to seize the day, and to slay every day! Just, wake, pray, slay, and repeat.  


5. Be confident (even about your flaws).  

Let’s face it, no one is perfect. Not even Beyoncé. But she still makes it a point to twirl on her haters!

She carries herself graciously and embodies her power as a queen, as we all should. Owning who you are by owning your flaws and accepting yourself is the essence of confidence. Love the current version of you. Own it. One of the foundations of mental wellness is to be fully accepting of all that you are. This is the ultimate catalyst for success and fulfillment in life.

As we continue towards self-improvement and self-empowerment, let’s consider the lessons Beyoncé has taught us. Celebrate staying true to self, give yourself permission to start over, always be consistent, and exude confidence at all times. Let’s go ladies!